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Step 1. Vision Statement

You are requested to write a vision statement of the City Portal project of your municipality. Vision statement should be short and easy to be understood by citizens. This vision statement will be published in the CIty Portal's "Goals" page. Please follow the instructions and create 5 paragraph "vision" statement.--- update
SubStep 1-1. Broad Goals
Vision Statement should cover broad and long-term strategies on how to develop information society in the municipality. Those include not only the City Portal but pursuit of open and tranparent city inofrmation policies, creation of efficient information management system, and attracting business opportunity to the city.---update
SubStep 1-2. Benefit to Citizens
ICT initiative is usually not well-understood by the citizens who have no prior knowledge of ICT or how to use Internet. The vision should explain in a plain language how the City Portal will benefit the daily life of the citizens, such as better access to information, shortening the transaction time, increased efficiency of the government, etc.---update
SubStep 1-3. Initial Priorities
As the vision covers a long-term objectives which may not be materialized soon, vision should identify the initial priorities which can be materialized within next one or two years. Initial priorities should cover simple but useful promises, such as all the contact information or office hours of the city services will be on the portal.---update
SubStep 1-4. Universal Access
Many citizens do not have personal computers or Internet connections. They will consider the City Portal project is nothing related to them. So, the vision should mention how these people can access the Portal, for example, through the public information centers located in the city offices, libraries and post offices.---update
SubStep 1-5. Participatory Approach
Inclusion of all the citizens not only in accessing information but also sending information or developing content to the Portal. ---update

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