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Life Events

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1. Birth/Infancy Period

2. School Years

3. Youth Development

4. Employment Period

5. Marriage/Child Rearing

6. Middle-Age Period

7. Retirement

8. Old-Age Period

9. Death/Funeral

Category Name: School Years

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Risks and Remedies in the School-Days@ () STA1151
Parents Eagerly Support Children's Education (EDU1) STA11511
Learn Career Path from Neighbours (EDU2) STA11512
Maintaining High Standard of Quality of Teachers (EDU3) STA11513
Difficulty in Learning in Class (EDU17) STA11514
Difficulties in Attending Clum School (EDU18) STA11515
Unauthorised Absence (EDU7) STA11516
Bullied (EDU9) STA11517
Bully Others (EDU19) STA11518
Protect Bullied Coleague (EDU12) STA11519
Industry/Efforts (MEN13) STA1151a
Success Experiences (MEN3) STA1151b
Self-Confidence (MEN1) STA1151c
Angry to the Society (MEN11) STA11565
Local Centres for Child-Reering Support (SVC2) STA11584
Development Disorder in School Years () STA11604
Approval & Registration of Child Adoption () STA11661
Child Abbuse Counselling () STA11661
Protection of Children in Need () STA11661
Centre for Counselling on Children Need () STA11661
Anti-Social Behaviour () STA11662
Students/Pupil with Special Education Needs () STA116d5
Anti-Bullying () STA116d5