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1. Risks and Resiliences during Youth Period

2. Drop-out from High-School

3. NEETiNot in Education, Employment or Training)

4. Professional Qualification

5. University Qualification

6. Have Goals & Plans

Category Name: Youth Development
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Risks and Resiliences during Youth Period () STA1152 Create
Drop-out from High-School (EDU9) STA11521 Create
NEETiNot in Education, Employment or Training) (EMP6) STA11522 Create
Professional Qualification (EMP2) STA11523 Create
University Qualification (EDU4) STA11524 Create
Have Goals & Plans (MEN2) STA11525 Create
Hello Works (SVC10) STA115b10 Create
Station for Youth Support (SVC11) STA115b11 Create
Counseling Service for Disabled Persons (SVC12) STA115b12 Create
Employment Support Center for Disabled Persons (SVC13) STA115b13 Create
Policies Towards Youth Development and Youth Organizations () STA11663 Create
Providing Youth Facilities () STA11663 Create
Promotion of Youth Community Actions () STA11663 Create
Communication with Youth Home () STA11663 Create
What is Self-Identity and How to develop? () STA11663 Create
Mental Health of Youth () STA11663 Create
Guidance to Youth to Prevent Anti-Socail Activities () STA11663 Create
Skill Training and Qualification () STA11681 Create
Support for Employment Readiness () STA11681 Create
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1. q̍
ق߂邵‚, (EDU13)
邵‚, (EDU14)
ڐG, (EDU15)
ڐG, (EDU16)
ԗVы, (EDU6)
leɗ{, (FML8)
Nn, (FML10)
Ɠ, (CHL18)
Ɠ, (CHL19)
2. w
cƓ, (CHL13)
cƓ, (CHL14)
eMS, (EDU1)
ZoƓ, (CHL15)
ߗׂɌK, (EDU2)
, (EDU20)
ǂt, (EDU3)
Ɨ, (EDU17)
mʂ, (EDU18)
soZ, (EDU7)
߂ꂽ, (EDU9)
߂, (EDU19)
ߒ, (EDU12)
ΕׁEw, (MEN13)
̌, (MEN3)
3. ”N
Z, (EDU8)
NƎ, (EMP6)
厑i, (EMP2)
w, (EDU4)
ڕWEv搫, (MEN2)
4. d
EKٗp, (EMP14)
E񐳋Kٗp, (EMP7)
Kٗpɏi, (EMP11)
񐳋Kٗpɓ]E, (EMP12)
, (EMP8)
񐳋Kٗp, (EMP16)
Kٗp, (EMP17)
Eꂢ, (EMP15)
dEoX, (HLT4)
n, (EMP18)
, (EMP19)
[_[Vbv, (EMP20)
5. 炵
n, (EMP9)
ԍύ, (EMP13)
x, (HOU7)
Zr, (HOU9)
V㍢, (HOU11)
, (HOU12)
INɉ, (LOC5)
Nی, (LOC11)
6. iEC
sET, (MEN6)
sEQ, (MEN7)
肪, (MEN9)
lӖ, (MEN10)
͂ɓ{, (MEN11)
ԁEꏊE, (MEN4)
7. Ƒ
Ƒ̎x, (FML1)
, (FML12)
s, (FML9)
Ȃ, (FML7)
ɐO, (FML14)
, (FML13)
, (FML15)
v, (MEN12)
8. q
1qo, (CHL16)
2qȍ~o, (CHL17)
leq, (FML6)
w𒙒~, (CHL3)
qĕs, (CHL11)
ۈ珊s, (CHL7)
qǂԗVы, (CHL6)
qǂƗ, (CHL12)
qǂsoZ, (CHL8)
qǂٗps, (CHL10)
9. FlEߗ׊֌W
Fllbg, (EMP3)
eށEאl̎x, (LOC1)
ꏊȂ, (MEN8)
ߗ׉, (LOC2)
{eBA, (LOC3)
M, (LOC4)
10. ߗ׊‹
eƋ߂, (NEI1)
iT[rX, (NEI10)
AjeB[, (NEI11)
ʂ, (NEI12)
T[rX, (NEI13)
{݂, (NEI14)
ΒnE, (NEI15)
eʂ, (NEI2)
Fl, (NEI3)
܂‚蓙̋y, (NEI4)
EߗׂɎd, (NEI5)
, (NEI6)
ۈ珊, (NEI7)
ɍwZ, (NEI8)
ÃT[rX, (NEI9)
11. T[rXpx
eqwAeqT, (SVCP)
nqĎxZ^[, (SVC2)
t@~[ET|[gEZ^[AƒIۈ, (SVC3)
ۈ牀, (SVC4)
ct, (SVC5)
wۈE, (SVC6)
ƒxZ^[, (SVC7)
BxZ^[, (SVC8)
k, (SVC9)
n[[NiEƈ菊j, (SVC10)
҃T|[gEXe[V, (SVC11)
ႪґkxZ^[, (SVC12)
ႪҏAJxZ^[, (SVC13)
nxZ^[, (SVC14)
Vo[lރZ^[, (SVC15)
\hvO, (SVC16)
, (SVC17)
ی, (SVC18)
12. x
Kx, (WEL1)
13. RL
RL, (FRE1)
14. ҃T[rXKvx
H̔zBT[rX, (ELD1)
|ES~o, (ELD2)
}T[rX, (ELD3)
荇ꏊ, (ELD4)
T[rX, (ELD5)
iT[rX, (ELD7)
NG[VT[rX, (ELD8)
15. qăT[rXKvx
oYE玙уT[rX, (KID1)
ۈT[rX, (KID2)
ꎞۈ, (KID3)
aۈ, (KID4)
ۈ, (KID5)
Bx, (KID6)
ߗ\h, (KID7)
t[XN[, (KID8)
wۈ, (KID9)
wۈ, (KID10)
wKx, (KID11)
qH, (KID12)
16. XgXx
ΖԓK, (STR1)
ߋΖ̏, (STR2)
t΂Ȃ, (STR3)
Ύ蓖x, (STR4)
Nxɂ̎擾, (STR5)
YxEx̎擾, (STR6)
J̓Փx, (STR7)
ΖԂ̎Rx, (STR8)
Ζꏊ̎Rx, (STR9)
17. E‹
, (WOR1)
ŠNɔz, (WOR2)
VҌٗpMS, (WOR3)
qĂx, (WOR5)
Ƒx, (WOR6)
Љv, (WOR7)
LApX, (WOR8)
18. ̑d
ۑւ̎Q, (AUT1)
Ⴂl̈ӌ𕷂, (AUT2)
de, (AUT3)
ƌv쐬ւ̎Qx, (AUT4)
d̐ʂ̔c”\, (AUT5)
iEƂ̏񋤗L, (AUT6)
19. Ȃ̎dx
I, (INT1)
IT, (INT2)
OI, (INT3)
s, (INT4)
Dҋ, (INT5)
, (INT6)
DE‹, (INT7)
Dł͂Ȃ, (INT8)
Dǂs, (INT9)
20. qǂ̍AԍD
mIDS, (LIK1)
mIDS, (LIK11)
v, (LIK2)
v, (LIK12)
, (LIK3)
, (LIK13)
_, (LIK4)
_, (LIK14)
i搫, (LIK5)
i搫, (LIK15)
, (LIK6)
, (LIK16)
n, (LIK7)
n, (LIK17)
\, (LIK8)
\, (LIK18)
Q[, (LIK9)
Q[, (LIK19)
׋, (LIK10)
׋, (LIK20)
21. ǂԍD
mIDS, (LIK1)
mIDS, (LIK11)
v, (LIK2)
v, (LIK12)
, (LIK3)
, (LIK13)
_, (LIK4)
_, (LIK14)
i搫, (LIK5)
i搫, (LIK15)
, (LIK6)
, (LIK16)
n, (LIK7)
n, (LIK17)
\, (LIK8)
\, (LIK18)
Q[, (LIK9)
Q[, (LIK19)
׋, (LIK10)
׋, (LIK20)
22. N̍̐̌
ۑ茤, (SUC1)
l, (SUC2)
[_[Vbv, (SUC3)
MOт, (SUC4)
̂‚̌, (SUC6)
ň, (SUC7)
ȋL^B, (SUC8)
Q[𐧍, (SUC9)
\KEK, (SUC10)
23. dŐ
含, (MOT1)
Љv, (MOT2)
ocǗ, (MOT3)
Љ`, (MOT4)
NƉ, (MOT5)
mÂ薼l, (MOT6)
NG[^[, (MOT7)
ڕWB, (MOT8)
v^, (MOT9)
RcRc^, (MOT10)
24. n
Ɓijv, (CRE1)
VZp̊J, (CRE2)
VKƂ̗グ, (CRE3)
VsJ, (CRE4)
vZX̉, (CRE5)
Љv , (CRE6)
E‹P , (CRE7)
@ߏ, (CRE8)
25. qǂNɐ̌
ۑ茤, (SUC11)
l, (SUC12)
[_[Vbv, (SUC13)
MOт, (SUC14)
ACfBANj, (SUC15)
̂‚̌, (SUC16)
ň, (SUC17)
ȋL^B, (SUC18)
Q[𐧍, (SUC19)
\KEK, (SUC20)
26. ЉB
ڂ‚߂, (MCH1)
ΊԂ, (MCH2)
Oɔ, (MCH3)
wv, (MCH4)
, (MCH5)
͕, (MCH6)
V, (MCH7)
ȂȂo[, (MCH8)
ɗ, (MCH9)
oߕq, (MCH10)
27. e̗{X^C
e^, (CAR1)
qS^, (CAR2)
ߕی^, (CAR3)
Η^, (CAR4)
w^, (CAR5)
^, (CAR6)
ь@^, (CAR7)
^, (CAR8)
ڐG^, (CAR9)
C^, (CAR10)
28. ړ^
̌ւ, (EJA01)
񂷂, (EJA02)
QԂ, (EJA03)
͂͂, (EJA04)
‚, (EJA05)
, (EJA06)
, (EJA07)
Kiオi݁j, (EJA08)
, (EJA09)
XLbv, (EJA10)
29. ̉^
‚, (EJB01)
̂‚, (EJB02)
ۂ, (EJB03)
̎ԑ点, (EJB04)
Ȃ菑, (EJB05)
ςݖ؏d, (EJB06)
S_Ԃ牺, (EJB07)
܂˂Ċۂ, (EJB08)
݂͂Ŏ؂, (EJB09)
s@n, (EJB10)
30. e̎x
eFňĂĂ, (EJC01)
eFǂ, (EJC02)
eF̎qƗV΂, (EJC03)
eFKK^, (EJC04)
eFNȂǂ^, (EJC05)
eFςݖ؂^, (EJC06)
eFS_Ȃǎg킹, (EJC07)
eF݂͂^, (EJC08)
eF{[Vт, (EJC09)
eAX|[cȂǂK킹, (EJC10)
31. 玙㍢
t], (EJD01)
ςz͂ア, (EJD02)
[ɂ, (EJD03)
ȂƑ勃, (EJD04)
̏d, (EJD05)
H̊Jn, (EJD06)
鋃, (EJD07)
ԗVы, (EJD08)
Ooł, (EJD09)
CC, (EJD10)
32. {IK
~, (EJE01)
߂, (EJE02)
rXPbgȂǎŐHׂ, (EJE03)
RbvŎĈ, (EJE04)
łׂ, (EJE05)
Xg[ň, (EJE06)
rA\, (EJE07)
ЂƂŐHׂ, (EJE08)
, (EJE09)
߂o, (EJE10)
33. ΐl֌W
, (EJF01)
΂, (EJF02)
lm肷, (EJF03)
ěǂ, (EJF04)
`, (EJF05)
FBƎ‚Ȃ, (EJF06)
db, (EJF07)
bĂ, (EJF08)
܂܂Ƃo, (EJF09)
͂č̎R‚, (EJF10)
34. eq̑Θb
eF̂Ă, (EJG01)
eFG{ǂ, (EJG02)
eFCiCCiCo[, (EJG03)
eFԂ̘bɉ, (EJG04)
eF_ƌ, (EJG05)
eFU, (EJG06)
eFق߂, (EJG07)
eFV, (EJG08)
eF`𗊂, (EJG09)
eFX}zɖv, (EJG10)
35. t̔B
Cɋ, (EJH01)
o, (EJH02)
lɌo, (EJH03)
ɂׂ, (EJH04)
ꕶ, (EJH05)
̐, (EJH06)
uoCoCvȂǂɔ, (EJH07)
Ȃǂw, (EJH08)
ԂȂǂ̐F킩, (EJH09)
5܂ł̐킩, (EJH10)