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OpenCityPortal: Portal Strategy and Design
Action Learning Tutorial

Strategy Development:

Step 1 Scope and Goals of E-Government Creating a Pilot City Portal
Step 2 Leadership and Vision of the Mayor Creating a Vision Statement
Step 3 Appointment of a CIO and a Taskforce Drafting an Organizational Arrangement
Step 4 E-Readiness and Demand Survey Conduct an E-Readiness Assessment
Step 5 Portal Strategy and Design Creating Category Structure
Creating Content
Step 6 Information on Basic City Services Creating Content for G2C
Step 7 Involving the Private Sector/NGOs for Content Development Creating Content for C2C
Step 8 Promoting the Regional Economy Creating Content for G2B
Step 9 Transparency, Access to Information Uploading Documents to the Portal
Step 10 Interaction with Citizens City Communication Policy