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Partner Institutions of Light Houses are city and local governments, universities, academic and research institutions, foundations, NGOs, Civil Society and bilateral and multilateral organizations to support  the knowledge sharing among them to create Information Society in local levels.

The role of Partner Institutions will differ according to their nature of organizations. 

City and local governments will use this website to disseminate their programs, policies and services to the citizens and share best practices to other partner institutions.

Universities are expected to support local communities in ICT policy, entrepreneurship and community development. They also share their curriculum and other knowledge resources through the open-source knowledge system, to support other Partner Institutions.

What is common is to participate actively in the global knowledge sharing through the Light Houses and promote policy, entrepreneurship and community through ICT.  The ultimate goal is to bridge the Digital Divide.

 If you wish to register your organization as a Partner Institution, please go to Register Partners Institution Page