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Reference: M.Kusakabe,2016,An Evidence-Based Approach to Analyze the Sharp Increase in the "Young Generation" Risks in JapanInputDate:
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: Basic Facts
: Case Studies
Q1.:(Warana, Kolhapur District of Maharashtra)
Q3.:(Multipurpose Community Teleenter)
Q4.:(Cleveland Clinic Health Systems )
Q5.:(Kothmale Community Radio Internet )
Q6.:(Amul Co-operative)
Q7.:(CYBER HOST: -The Budalangi Village Women Post Office Project)
Q8.:(Buckman Laboratories International )
Q10.:(Luanda Sul)
Q11.:(Cristal Government initiative)
Q12.:(The Shakti Foundation)
Q14.:(AOLbyPhone )
Q15.:(Community Networking Institute)
Q16.:(The World Bank)
Q17.:(Environmental Defense )
Q19.:(Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program)
Q21.:(Viasphere Technopark)
Q22.:(SODBI Business Incubator)
Q23.:(Kharkov Small Business Incubator)
Q24.:(Social FInance)
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1. q̍
2. w
eMS, (EDU1)
ߗׂɌK, (EDU2)
ǂt, (EDU3)
Ɨ, (EDU17)
mʂ, (EDU18)
soZ, (EDU7)
߂ꂽ, (EDU9)
߂, (EDU19)
ߒ, (EDU12)
ΕׁEw, (MEN13)
̌, (MEN3)
3. ”N
Z, (EDU8)
NƎ, (EMP6)
厑i, (EMP2)
w, (EDU4)
ڕWEv搫, (MEN2)
4. d
5. 炵
n, (EMP9)
ԍύ, (EMP13)
x, (HOU7)
Zr, (HOU9)
V㍢, (HOU11)
, (HOU12)
INɉ, (LOC5)
Nی, (LOC11)
6. ŠN
sET, (MEN6)
sEQ, (MEN7)
肪, (MEN9)
lӖ, (MEN10)
͂ɓ{, (MEN11)
ԁEꏊE, (MEN4)
7. Ƒ
Ƒ̎x, (FML1)
, (FML12)
s, (FML9)
Ȃ, (FML7)
ɐO, (FML14)
, (FML13)
, (FML15)
v, (MEN12)
8. q
1qo, (CHL16)
2qȍ~o, (CHL17)
w𒙒~, (CHL3)
leq, (FML6)
qĕs, (CHL11)
ۈ珊s, (CHL7)
qǂԗVы, (CHL6)
qǂƗ, (CHL12)
qǂsoZ, (CHL8)
qǂٗps, (CHL10)
9. FlEߗ
10. ߗ׊‹
11. {
eqwAeqT, (SVCP)
nqĎxZ^[, (SVC2)
t@~[ET|[gEZ^[AƒIۈ, (SVC3)
ۈ牀, (SVC4)
ct, (SVC5)
wۈE, (SVC6)
ƒxZ^[, (SVC7)
BxZ^[, (SVC8)
k, (SVC9)
n[[NiEƈ菊j, (SVC10)
҃T|[gEXe[V, (SVC11)
ႪґkxZ^[, (SVC12)
ႪҏAJxZ^[, (SVC13)
nxZ^[, (SVC14)
Vo[lރZ^[, (SVC15)
\hvO, (SVC16)
, (SVC17)
ی, (SVC18)
12. Kx
13. RL
14. ҃T[rXKvx
H̔zBT[rX, (ELD1)
|ES~o, (ELD2)
}T[rX, (ELD3)
荇ꏊ, (ELD4)
T[rX, (ELD5)
iT[rX, (ELD7)
NG[VT[rX, (ELD8)
15. qăT[rXKvx
oYE玙уT[rX, (KID1)
ۈT[rX, (KID2)
ꎞۈ, (KID3)
aۈ, (KID4)
ۈ, (KID5)
Bx, (KID6)
ߗ\h, (KID7)
t[XN[, (KID8)
wۈ, (KID9)
wۈ, (KID10)
wKx, (KID11)
qH, (KID12)
eFX}zɖv, (EJG10)
16. XgXx
ΖԓK, (STR1)
ߋΖ̏, (STR2)
t΂Ȃ, (STR3)
Ύ蓖x, (STR4)
Nxɂ̎擾, (STR5)
YxEx̎擾, (STR6)
J̓Փx, (STR7)
ΖԂ̎Rx, (STR8)
Ζꏊ̎Rx, (STR9)
17. E‹
, (WOR1)
ŠNɔz, (WOR2)
VҌٗpMS, (WOR3)
qĂx, (WOR5)
Ƒx, (WOR6)
Љv, (WOR7)
LApX, (WOR8)
18. ̑d
ۑւ̎Q, (WOR9)
Ⴂl̈ӌ𕷂, (WOR10)
de, (WOR11)
ƌv쐬ւ̎Qx, (WOR12)
d̐ʂ̔c”\, (WOR13)
iEƂ̏񋤗L, (WOR14)
19. Ȃ̎dx
I, (IRM1)
IT, (IRM2)
OI, (IRM3)
s, (IRM4)
Dҋ, (IRM5)
, (IRM6)
DE‹, (IRM7)
Dł͂Ȃ, (IRM8)
Dǂs, (IRM9)
20. ȂNɍD
21. qlԍDȂ
22. Ȃ̏N̐̌
ۑ茤, (SUC1)
l, (SUC2)
[_[Vbv, (SUC3)
MOт, (SUC4)
̂‚̌, (SUC6)
ň, (SUC7)
ȋL^B, (SUC8)
Q[𐧍, (SUC9)
\KEK, (SUC10)
23. dŐ
含, (ACV1)
含, (MTV1)
Љv, (ACV2)
Љv, (MTV2)
ocǗ, (ACV3)
ocǗ, (MTV3)
ЉI], (ACV4)
ЉI], ( MTV4)
NƉ, (ACV5)
NƉ, ( MTV5)
mÂ薼l, (ACV6)
mÂ薼l, (MTV6)
NG[^[, (ACV7)
NG[^[, (MTV7)
[NECtEoX, (ACV8)
[NECtEoX, ( MTV8)
ЉI]ƕV, (ACV9)
ЉI]ƕV, (MTV9)
RcRc^, (ACV10)
RcRc^, (MTV10)
24. n
Ɓijv, (CRE1)
VZp̊J, (CRE2)
VKƂ̗グ, (CRE3)
VsJ, (CRE4)
vZX̉, (CRE5)
Љv , (CRE6)
E‹P , (CRE7)
@ߏ, (CRE8)
25. ql̐̌
26. ЉB
27. e̗{X^C
28. ړ^
29. ̉^
30. e̎x
31. 玙㍢
32. {IK
33. ΐl֌W
34. dŐ
含, (ACV1)
含, (MTV1)
Љv, (ACV2)
Љv, (MTV2)
ocǗ, (ACV3)
ocǗ, (MTV3)
ЉI], (ACV4)
ЉI], ( MTV4)
NƉ, (ACV5)
NƉ, ( MTV5)
mÂ薼l, (ACV6)
mÂ薼l, (MTV6)
NG[^[, (ACV7)
NG[^[, (MTV7)
[NECtEoX, (ACV8)
[NECtEoX, ( MTV8)
ЉI]ƕV, (ACV9)
ЉI]ƕV, (MTV9)
RcRc^, (ACV10)
RcRc^, (MTV10)
35. eq̑Θb
36. t̔B
37. NT[rXĂ
38. hЁE‹یT[rXĂ

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