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Often Scolded in My Childhood -Insufficient Time Spent w/ Father -Insufficient Time Spent w/ Mother -Not Good at Playing w/ Others -Raised by a Poor Family -
Difficulty in Learning in class -Truancy -Bullied -Bully Others -Drop Out of High-School -
Jobless Youth -Irregular Employment -Unemployed -Bullied at Work Place -
DV/Abused -Single Parent -Care my Family Members while Working -Care my Family Members Full-time -
Disease -Disability -Diseases Caused by Life-Style -Need Care Service -
Depressed / Unstable Mood -Anxiety / Sleeping Disorder -No Trustworthy Friends -Withdraw from Social Contacts -Life is Meaningless -
Poverty -Excessive Debt Burden -Difficulties in paying Rent/Loan -Homeless -
Anxiety in Child Rearing -My Child Not Good at Playing w/ Others -My Child Has Difficulty in Learning in Class -My Child is/was Truent -My Child has Insecure Jobs -
Often Praised in My Childhood -Able to Get Support from Family -Married -First Child was Born -Second or More Children were Born -
Good Health Management -Self-Confidence -Have Goals and Plans -Trust Others in General -Life Work Balannce -
Have a Network of Friends -Support from Relatives/ Neighbours -Mutual Help Among Neighbours -Volunteering -
Professional Qualification -University Qualification -Regular Employment -